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Guess? Woman jailed for taking videos of fiance at Police Cantonment Complex, who posted them on Tiktok


Only these type of people will be so Kum Gong to commit such self-pwn Bodohration acts inside a police station some more...LOL.


Woman jailed for taking videos of fiance at Police Cantonment Complex, who posted them on Tiktok​


SINGAPORE — A 33-year-old woman was sentenced to a week's jail on Wednesday (Nov 8) for taking videos of her fiance at Police Cantonment Complex, a protected area, while accompanying him there to report for bail on two occasions.

Siti Zulaika A Rahman pleaded guilty to one charge of taking a video in a protected area with her fiance, Mohd Heirizal Kamarzaman, under the Infrastructure Protection Act, with a second similar charge taken into consideration.

The judge said she was sentencing Siti to a jail term because Siti indicated she could not pay the fine of S$15,000 to S$20,000 sought by the prosecution.

The court heard that Siti had accompanied her co-accused and fiance, 41-year-old Heirizal, to report for bail at the Central Police Division at Police Cantonment Complex on July 13.

When Heirizal was done, he texted Siti to let her know and she used her phone to take a video of him, with his consent, as he exited the glass door.

He was captured "swaggering" out of the door, displaying his middle finger and a tattoo on his forearm, said the prosecution.
Siti sent the video to Heirizal, who later uploaded the video on TikTok with a background song: I'm a Gangster.
The location was indicated as Police Cantonment Complex.

The video was liked more than 380 times and shared at least 125 times, said the prosecution.

Siti accompanied him to Police Cantonment Complex again on Aug 1 so he could report for bail.

While his bail was being processed, Heirizal used his phone to film the counter desk, capturing a female officer's face and the wall sign behind her.

When he was done with his bail reporting, Heirizal passed his phone to Siti, who filmed him from the back with his consent.

He exaggerated his movements for the camera, the court heard.

Heirizal stitched the two clips taken that day and uploaded it on TikTok.

The video was set to an extract of a song with a title that contained an expletive directed at the police.

The video received at least 13 likes and was shared eight times.


Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Sarah Siaw said the Police Cantonment Complex was a protected area under the Infrastructure Protection Act.

At the time, there were signs on the premises indicating that unauthorised filming was not allowed, and the couple would have passed some of these signs on their way in.

She said the building was a significant one from a security perspective. It was the headquarters of the Criminal Investigation Department and was publicly recognisable as an icon of the Singapore Police Force.

Unauthorised filming undermines the message that the Police Cantonment Complex is a protected place, even if the videos themselves are unrelated to any attack or threat, said DPP Siaw.

She added that such videos circulated online can give the impression that the prohibition on unauthorised filming is not taken seriously, and may result in the perception that the security of such buildings is not enforced.

She asked for one to two weeks' jail if Siti could not pay the fine sought of S$15,000 to S$20,000.

In mitigation, Siti told the court: "I actually didn't want to take the videos, but I didn't want to anger my fiance."

She said she currently had "a case against him". "I didn't want him to be angry with me so I just took the videos. I was just afraid that he would beat me up," she said.

Asked to elaborate on the case she had against Heirizal, Siti said: "I have reported a case of assault and he is facing a charge here in court."

On top of corresponding charges for taking the videos in Police Cantonment Complex, Heirizal faces charges of hurting Siti with a heated hair straightener in June at a unit in York Hill, as well as of kicking and slapping her body on multiple occasions since December 2022.

Siti asked for leniency, promising not to repeat the offences in future.

For taking a video in a protected area, she could have been jailed for up to two years, fined up to S$20,000, or both.

Heirizal is set for a pre-trial conference in December. CNA


Alfrescian (Inf)
What's so classified at the jiakliaobee poodle HQ that taking videos there is prohibited? :rolleyes:

Even most SAF camps have done away with that silly restriction. :wink:

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Alfrescian (Inf)
Can take but don't post them online. Many snitches on this shitty island who will make a report to their beloved 'authorities' about this.