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Greedy British PM Teresa May pokes stick into ISIS eyes and shoots self in the foot?

Discussion in 'The Political / Serious Zone [no rep deductions]' started by bic_cherry, Jun 9, 2017.

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    Greedy British PM Teresa May shoots herself in the foot:
    Stupid Teresa May lost touch with the ground and even invited ISIS to take accurate pot shot through her unnecessary and pompus scheduling of snap general election?

    Stupid girl should have noticed her own flaws and the flaws of her predecessor (James Cameron) whose conduct of the Brexit poll backfired (Cameron was certain that Britain would overwhelmingly vote to remain in EU)...
    Now, instead of doubling down and working hard to achieve a good Brexit outcome and a better world if not a better life for British citizens, she was deceived by seemingly good opinion polls and thus wanted a mandate for herself, only to reveal her archellies heel when ISIS successfully completed the Manchester concert bombing (killed 22 people) when it was revealed that lax/ zero bag checks were conducted on concert goers at all... this was aggravated by the fact that during her term as minister for homeland security prior to her PM job, Teresa May sacked 20k policemen/ homeland security staff: wasn't the lax security policies behind the Manchester concert bombing in a way directly @her invitation/ her fault?

    Till May2020 is a long time, in excess of 3 years from the april2017 date that T May announced the recent British flash general elections... She could have easily completed the Brexit talks in that time and then be rewarded at per scheduled elections and receive her just reward: unfortunately, the greedy girl wanted more...

    Greed always comes before fall, there was zero need to call for British elections before May2020. Now, the political life of Teresa May is cut short... Pride as usual, often comes before fall.

    Politicians who are out of touch with the ground ought to step down.

    Stupid people:
    ~ It is very foolish to be greedy
    [​IMG] sauce: http://fablesofaesop.com/the-dog-and-the-shadow.html
    Like the dog with meat in his own mouth seeing his own image in the water whilst crossing the bridge. Overwhelmed by the illusion that another dog has a BIGGER piece of meat, he opens his mouth to grab it, only to achieve nothing but the loss of his own original piece (which is quickly swept away by the moving stream).

    There was zero need for Teresa May to call for flash elections since UK elections were only constitutionally due in May2020, but May chose to be distracted and deceived by seemingly good opinion polls (and inducing ISIS to attack given the pompus campaign mood T May was in): thus May is like the stupid dog that lost her meat to her own image cast from a flowing stream.
    Some politicians are blind fools.

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