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Government Grants - Loopholes to Exploit ?


the SG Government seems to have about a thousand different Grants to help small enterprises.

What is the Success rate of such ?

Somehow, it appears that most of these Grants go to the "Consultants" as Training Fees, yes / no ?
Some tricks used seems to be,

1. Over-Optismistic Business Plans

2. over-inflation of Projected Revenue (..if these targets are not achieved, how ? any Punishments ?)

3. Over-Declare Price of Equipment (..hidden kick-backs ?)

4. Paying Salaries to Phantom Employees

5. Paying High Salaries (Govt supports and part-compensates these figures..), and quietly asking Employee to Cash-back to Employer ?

6. .. please add.

Are there anyone who are aware of any Truly successful SME - as a result of such Grants ?

The SkillsFuture Courses, Schemes seems to also be Questionable ?

Do share tips, tricks