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Serious Good PM Lee Gives Out Edusave Awards To Little Sinkies Of Teck Ghee! Little Sinkies Study Hard, Won't End Up As Road Sweepers And Food Deliverers!


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SINGAPORE - Singapore has a top-drawer, but not easy, education system that exerts pressure on students and their parents, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Feb 3.

Speaking to students and parents, PM Lee added that while taking one’s education seriously is good, too much pressure is not. He noted that the Government has been trying to ease the pressure on students.

“We have been trying to balance our system so that you moderate the pressure – so that you can work hard, without feeling ‘buay tahan’, cannot take it any more,” said PM Lee, as he gave out education awards for students who live in Teck Ghee in Ang Mo Kio, where he is the MP.

He outlined some changes the Education Ministry has made in recent years to ease pressure on students, such as having no exams for Primary 1 and 2 pupils, removing the T-scores from the Primary School Leaving Examination and replacing streaming in secondary school with subject-based banding.

PM Lee also noted that the Government is emphasising mental health and wellness so that students can get help if they feel overcome with stress. Teachers and counsellors will help guide students and get feedback so that adjustments can be made, he said.

On Feb 3, PM Lee presented 441 awards to students at the Edusave award ceremony held at Teck Ghee Primary School. There will be another ceremony on Feb 4, with some 920 students receiving awards across the two days.

The Edusave Award is given to students based on their character, leadership and academic performance, to motivate them to continue to excel.

PM Lee said that encouraging young people is one of the most important things the Government can do for them.

“We are growing up in a world which is uncertain, which is dangerous sometimes, where we have to fend for ourselves, and we (do) not just have to work hard, but work smart and think what we can do, how can we do better.

“What you learn in school is what makes you prepared for that, and helps you look after yourselves and do well together for Singapore,” he said.

PM Lee also gave out 223 bursaries under the Teck Ghee Citizens’ Consultative Committee bursary awards to students from low-income families, after $190,000 was raised by community donors.

He stressed the importance of having the community come together to give extra support to families who need it, even as the Government spends money to make sure education is affordable to all.

He hopes that the bursaries, aside from helping to defray school expenses, will encourage the recipients “to work harder, do well, and be able to master the subjects and go on and be successful as adults, and in life”.