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Chitchat Good News! 10,000 New High SES BTO Waterfront "Bayshore Estate" in Bedok!



New car-lite, waterfront Bayshore estate to have 10,000 homes as part of Bedok town; 2 BTO launches in 2024​

An artist's impression of Bayshore central park.
Housing and Development Board
An artist's impression of Bayshore central park.
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  • About 10,000 new homes will be built in the new Bayshore waterfront residential estate in Bedok,
  • Of these, around 7,000 will be set aside for public housing
  • The first two Build-to-Order projects in the new Bayshore estate are set to launch in 2024 and will likely fall under the new Plus housing model
  • The flats for these projects are designed with full-height windows to get views of East Coast Park or city views facing Bedok town
  • Bayshore will also be designated as a car-lite estate to encourage green commuting



Published October 16, 2023
Updated October 16, 2023
SINGAPORE — The new Bayshore waterfront residential estate in Bedok will have about 10,000 new homes, and its residents can expect easy access to parks as well as Bayshore Drive — a street with eateries, supermarkets and retail shops.
The new estate is an extension of the existing Bedok town, and will be built on a 60ha site located on reclaimed land bounded by Upper East Coast Road, Bayshore Road and the East Coast Parkway.

These details are in the Bayshore Estate Master Plan, which was unveiled by Minister for National Development Desmond Lee at the Housing and Development Board (HDB) Awards Ceremony 2023 at Marina Bay Sands on Monday (Oct 16) evening.
"Aspiring homeowners can look forward to new homes with a waterfront view in a well-connected and urban environment. Those with parents residing in Bedok will also have more options to live close by for mutual care and support," said Mr Lee.
Of the 10,000 homes in the new estate, about 7,000 units will be set aside for public housing.
The first two Build-to-Order (BTO) projects in the new Bayshore estate — comprising about 1,400 units of two-room Flexi to four-room flats — are slated for launch in 2024.
They could potentially be launched under the new Plus housing model owing to their attractive location and close proximity to amenities and transport nodes, said HDB.

The flats for these projects are designed with full-height windows to maximise waterfront views facing East Coast Park or city views facing Bedok town. Structural beams and columns will be kept to the edges of each unit to allow residents flexibility to customise the unit’s layout.
The homes will be a short walking distance from either of the upcoming Bayshore and Bedok South MRT stations on the Thomson-East Coast Line.


Bayshore will be designated as a car-lite estate to encourage green commuting, as part of the Government's vision of a more sustainable city.
The Land Transport Authority had announced in October 2022 that it would gazette four public housing estates as car-lite precincts — in Ulu Pandan, Mount Pleasant, Tengah and Keppel Club.
In these precincts, HDB said that it would reduce parking provision to free up space for public facilities and greenery.

Part of this car-lite strategy is the creation of more "transit priority corridors" — roads that are integrated with bus lanes, wider footpaths and dedicated cycling paths or shared paths.
The new Bayshore estate will have a 400m-long bus-only transit priority corridor along Bayshore Drive, a street intended to function as the main thoroughfare of the estate, lined with a variety of amenities such as shops, eateries, supermarkets, and medical and health facilities.
Here are other key features of the street and the wider precinct that were announced:


  • Bayshore Drive will be constructed at the centre of Bayshore estate, with housing developments flanking it on both sides
  • Sports and recreational facilities, as well as resting spots, will also be provided along the thoroughfare
  • A new integrated development that connects to the future Bedok South MRT Station and a new bus interchange will also be built


  • Most homes in the estate will be within a five-minute walk from upcoming MRT stations
  • Existing drains leading into Bayshore from Upper East Coast Road will be converted into pedestrian paths, which would allow residents from Bedok town to access the new public transport nodes in Bayshore estate easily
  • A network of cycling and walking paths, lined with greenery, will also be built throughout Bayshore estate
  • The paths will also connect to the cycling network beyond Bedok, enabling cyclists to access the Round Island Route and the upcoming central green corridor from East Coast Park to Changi Beach


  • New parks and green spaces will be interspersed throughout the estate, including a new 3ha central park situated within surrounding housing developments
  • A linear park will also be built along the edge of Bayshore estate, with seawalls that mark the old coastline
  • Playgrounds will also be designed based on a rustic theme, in a nod to Bayshore’s coastal location and heritage


  • Modelling software such as the Integrated Environmental Modeller will be used by HDB to analyse wind flow to optimise natural ventilation throughout the estate
  • Shade analysis will guide the optimal placement of outdoor amenities such as playgrounds and fitness corners to enhance comfort for users
  • Solar-ready roofs and a pneumatic waste conveyance system will also be implemented in Bayshore’s first two housing projects
  • Bayshore estate will come with several walking trails to further encourage residents to adopt an active lifestyle
  • Interactive and educational play spaces for all ages will be provided within the housing precincts, forming a loop across the estate
The public is invited to visit the Bayshore exhibition at the ground floor of HDB Hub and give feedback on the plans.
The exhibition will be available from Oct 19, 2023 till late 2024.