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ghost couple



Eternal Love: A Ghost Marriage Unites Tragic Couple From Teluk Intan In The Afterlife​

Story by Fernando Fong
• 17h

The families of Yong Keng Shan, 31, and Lee Xue Ying, 33, gathered together to say their final goodbyes to the beloved couple who had tragically lost their lives in a devastating car accident.

Their funeral was preceded by a ghost wedding the night before in Teluk Intan, Perak, uniting the couple in the afterlife.

Ghost wedding is a tradition rooted in Chinese beliefs which involves marrying a deceased person to a living or deceased individual.

Yong and Lee had been in a loving relationship for three years, building a strong foundation for their future together.

In a touching gesture of love and acceptance, Yong’s family honoured the couple’s commitment by listing Lee as their daughter-in-law in their obituary.

This heartfelt acknowledgement of their relationship served as a testament to the couple’s deep bond and impact on their families’ lives.


In a touching tribute to the love shared by the couple, their family members went above and beyond to create a beautiful wedding photo for the couple.

The photograph, prominently displayed at the funeral hall, poignantly reminded them of the life they planned to build together.
The photograph will undoubtedly serve as a treasured keepsake for the family, a lasting tribute to the love that was so cruelly clipped. (Pix: Yong and Lee’s family)

The photograph will undoubtedly serve as a treasured keepsake for the family, a lasting tribute to the love that was so cruelly clipped. (Pix: Yong and Lee’s family)© Provided by The Rakyat Post


I still maintain a good relationship with my male music teacher.

One day my teacher said to me : "If there was a next life, I would still marry my current wife even though she wasn't perfect."

I knew what my teacher was up to. He was trying to sell himself as a good husband, in particular, a good Christian husband. More importantly, he has led a materially comfortable life in this life, thanks to the financial support of his wife.

I said to him: "Since you love your wife so much that you are willing to marry her again in your next life. What if both of you switch roles in the next life? As in you become a woman and she a man? And your wife who would be your husband in your next life is not materially successful in her next life ?"

He diam diam. :rolleyes:

Love ? Love kee tua lan lah. You love the conditions, the good conditions, the advantageous conditions.
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