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Germany Town hall set on fire by allahu akbar vandals, -‘If Gaza burns, Berlin burns!’



olice suspect anti-Israeli protesters of launching a Molotov cocktail through a window of the public building before scrawling on its walls, "Free Hamas" and "Warning Berlin, we'll burn it down"​


Firefighters were tackling a blaze in the early hours of Thursday morning at the Berlin-Tiergarten town hall in the German capital, believed to have been started by anti-Israel vandals.

Emergency services responded to a call made at 1:45 a.m. by a witness who heard glass shatter before a room adjacent to Jonasstraße erupted in flames. Two suspected perpetrators were then seen jumping down from scaffolding attached to the building and fleeing the scene.

Around 30 firetrucks attended the scene and extinguished the blaze; no injuries were reported.

An initial investigation found the fire was likely started by a Molotov cocktail being thrown through the broken window, leaving extensive damage to the targeted room and the hallway of the building while parts of the affected exterior wall crumbled due to the heat.

According to Bild, Several threatening messages had been scrawled on the sides of the building that read, “If Gaza burns, Berlin burns.” Others read “Free Hamas” and “Warning Berlin, we’ll burn it down.”

A spokeswoman for the Berlin police office revealed the investigation had been taken over by state security services, who are investigating intentional arson.

Pro-Palestine protests by far-left and Muslim activists have erupted across Europe following Israel’s retaliation for Hamas’ terror attack on Israeli soil on Oct. 7 last year.