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Germany 'Peaceful' Muslim migrant wanted to ‘kill all enemies’ of Islam, murdered 1 & wounded 4 infidels



eXXpress reported extensively on a Syrian who carried out knife attacks against passers-by in a fitness studio and on the street in the German city of Duisburg. The 27-year-old Islamist proudly admitted the crimes in court. He wanted to fulfill the demands of the terrorist militia IS and “kill all enemies.”
There is no remorse in the confession, report trial observers. In the knife attacks in April, a man was killed on the street and four people were injured in a gym. For the perpetrator, a Syrian who came to Germany as a “refugee” in 2016, this was revenge for all crimes against Muslims worldwide. He wanted to kill as many people as possible.
The Syrian, charged with murder and attempted murder, also admitted to posting an IS article on Facebook on April 9.

It said that the Islamic State would remain and its soldiers would expand the battle fronts “until the entire earth becomes a single jihad,” the newspaper “Welt” quoted the Islamist’s disgusting worldview as saying.