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Germany muslim migrant who molested several women gets community service and has to take German course



Chemnitz – Bassam T. (30) sexually molested and coerced several young women. The Syrian was convicted for this yesterday, Monday, in Chemnitz.

“It’s, quite frankly, just disgusting,” as the judge summed up the deeds. The youngest of the three victims was only 15 at the time.

The now 18-year-old had friends visiting her at home on the Kaßberg. As a good hostess, she took them to the bus. On the way back – she had almost reached the front door – a black-haired man suddenly attacked her from behind.

“He tried to undress me,” she told the court at the end of July. The crime happened three years ago, when it was dark and late. She cannot clearly identify the accused. “All I know is that he was wearing a blue corona mask!”

As the LKA has confirmed, his saliva sample matches the DNA evidence at all crime scenes.

The total sentence of one year and six months was suspended on probation. Bassam T. will report regularly to his probation officer for three years, do 200 hours of community service and have to take a German course again.

The verdict is not yet legally binding.

syed putra

If you go to Germany in summer and see all that naked women in the park, you may think they have a free sex culture. Plus gender neutral toilets. And saunas.
Unfortunately to Germans, being naked is natural.