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Germany mayor removes nude statue that has stood for 47 years to avoid offending 'perfect' Muslims! Allahu Akbar!



Apparently in order not to provoke the “new citizens,” the city of Dresden removed the sculpture of a naked woman in front of the luxury hotel “Zum Flüchtling.” “Die Sinnende,” which stood there for 47 years, was removed on the instructions of the Greens building mayor. Now the mostly young, Muslim men can move into their noble accommodation – a former hotel – undisturbed by German art.

The sculpture “Die Sinnende” stood in front of the Robotron complex in Dresden for 47 years. The bronze sculpture of a lounging nude comes from the sculptor Horst Brühmann (1942-2014). Now it has been removed and moved to a place where it is no longer visible to the public. Allegedly a routine measure, claims the city administration. This justification – for which Stephan Kühn, the Green building mayor, is responsible – is likely to be another Green lie.

“We only accommodate men here – from Afghanistan, Syria and Venezuela,” according to the information provided by Dresden’s Green mayor Kühn, who – as jouwatch reported – is extremely concerned about the well-being of the 280 new guests, who are almost exclusively “single travelers, male” – who until 2024 will stay in the former hotel at taxpayer expense. In addition to the distribution of the newly renovated hotel rooms according to origin and religion, this also includes various leisure activities, prayer rooms and a hairdresser. Oh yes – for the culinary well-being, the hotel guests are supplied with breakfast, lunch and dinner. “For Ramadan we adjust our working hours accordingly,” explains the chef, who always tries to adapt the menu to the needs of the residents and to offer special products such as dates. The all-round feel-good package costs the taxpayer a total of 36,000 euros in rent per month – for ten years.

With so much cultural devotion and mindfulness, the Green building mayor seems to have decided that the sculpture of a naked woman, which has stood in front of the building for 47 years, has to go so that his mostly Muslim, male guests really feel completely at ease.

When asked for a photo, a spokeswoman for the city said flippantly: “The ‘contemplative’ has left her usual place in front of the former city hostel and is now musing in the inner courtyard of the large office complex.” You should have made room.