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George Goh submits eligibility papers for Presidential Election, says 5 firms he heads have shareholders' equity of over S$1.5b


Speaking at a press conference at Sheraton Towers after submitting his papers, Mr Goh said that he has planned for this day since 2017, when he first heard the changes to the eligiblity criteria for private sector candidates.
who set up such criteria and who changes it and why the change? These are serious questions to it.


Alfrescian (Inf)
I wonder why he keeps saying that in his business life, he has founded over 100 companies
and that they are/were listed in UK, Australia etc.
What are their current status? Not sure if it is strategic to make that claim.


In order to qualify he can say how much his firms earn. After the election is over, he will say how much his firms loss .


what the fuck is this $5b nonsense thing? if anything the president should be from the humblest background, fucking pap