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[GDP]The more Singaporeans suffer, the higher Ministerial salaries go up.


The more Singaporeans suffer, the higher Ministerial salaries go up.
Ministerial salaries are closely pegged to GDP growth, but since GDP is a very poor indicator of quality of life in Singapore, more determination should be made to verify if GDP growth were bad or good.

Sometimes, GDP can increase for ALL THE WRONG REASONS.

More gahmen inspired interactions can momentarily increase GDP such as by increasing immigration or increasing taxes (e.g. GST) to increase gahmen spending or payment to political sock puppets + cronies/ self.

Converting usually bartered/ free social services into chargeable services can also increase GST e.g. Banning free durian picking/ wild fish/ animal hunting/ vegetable growing on unused state land/ national nature reserves/ lagoons etc for personal consumption.

Increasing the license fees to employ redundant manpower employed for gahmen licensing and registration service can also artificially increase GDP with regression in quality of life for populace: e.g. Increasing marriage registration fees to nepotically employ certain employees in reward for political support can increase GDP but is actually a form of corruption that makes people who use gahmen marriage registry services poor.

Even purposely causing MRT breakdowns and car accidents can momentarily increase GDP significantly in a market with significant surge pricing implemented since all affected users will need to pay arm and foot for alternative services when struck by such man made/ natural disasters in the immediate aftermath.

Purposely starting a war, conspiring with terrorist, poisoning drinkable tap water can all cause mass hysteria/ panic and cause GDP figures to increase because more people will pay high prices for drinking water, food and other war time necessities and pay high demand surge priced rates for UBER, Grab car rides/ then overpriced Deliveroo/Panda food delivery to alleviate hunger and avoid terrorist threats etc...

Life will become much more difficult as GDP goes up for the wrong reasons. But Ministerial salaries blindly go up regardless.