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[GAY thread] The GAY abercrombie & fitch store at orchard rd is making me GAY!!


Help! I go into the A&F gay dungeon store at orchard road and see so many hot male models walking around seducing me with their bodies. Got one giant bronze naked Greek statue to titillate my eyes some more.

I come out smell so strong of homoerotic gay perfume for the rest of the night. I think I will become super gay just by visiting the store.

Abercrombie & Fitch promoting homosexuality, exhibitionism in Singapore

Dear Editor,

I am writing in to express my outrage at Abercrombie & Fitch’s latest shenanigans. As if putting a gigantic ad of a naked man in the middle of Orchard Road is not obscene enough, now they want to hire male models as “shirtless greeters” in their new outlet that’s soon to open here!

What has our beloved country sunk into?

I object to the influence of these Western cultural imperialists on our pristine, white country and their contributions to the eroding of our Confusionist Asian Values.

There are two reasons why this publicity stunt by A&F should not be tolerated.

Firstly, it promotes exhibitionism. Crime rates in Singapore are up, with raping and flashing becoming more rampant. The other day, when my daughter was returning home at night, she saw this fat uncle who must be in his 50s, not wearing any shirt. He was standing next to his third-storey HDB flat window. My husband and I were appalled to learn of this!

I’m afraid that if we allow these aspiring exhibitionists to have their way in a public retail store, we will soon see more gullible young men imitate that sort of ugly behavior.

When godless feminists decided to bring in SlutWalk to Singapore, I was worried that they will turn our nation’s young women into prostitutes who don’t mind being called sluts.

But this latest development takes the cake.

Secondly, this stunt promotes homosexuality. While flashers and rapists are bad, gays are right up there with them.
What happens when you have a platoon of sexually attractive and virile young men exposing their six-packs and nipples to the public? You attract more sexually attractive and virile young men of the gay variety. We already have enough gay pubs, bars, condo swimming pools, parks, toilets and saunas to contain these immoral men like pigs in a sty.

We don’t need more venues for them to infest.

In fact, the launch of the new A&F outlet will result in the opening of the floodgates for amorous behavior, leading to a rise in HIV and AIDS. It’s a slippery slope that will undermine our government’s efforts at public education.

There’s a lot of reasons to worry about the state of our country. Over the last few months, we’re seeing a pattern of liberal agitators having their way in Singapore, and the government has done little to address the situation. I’m afraid if this carries on, I will be forced to take more drastic action.

Conservative Nazi