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France: Muslim migrant shouting "Allahou Akbar" attacks Catholic cross with his van, begins prayer to Allah



In Loyettes, Ain, a man of Turkish origin overturned a Catholic cross with his van. After shouting “Antallahu Akbar,” he began to pray at the scene of the incident.

A disturbing event occurred in broad daylight in Loyettes, Ain, where a man destroyed a Catholic cross using a van. Around noon, the gendarmerie was alerted by witnesses who observed an individual shouting religious statements on the public highway, while tearing up a stone cross.

According to the reports consulted by the JDD, the man deliberately retreated with his van against the building, before tie it with a strap and overturning it. Of Turkish origin, the individual shouted “Aanya Akbar” before praying at the scene of the incident.