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France: Mayor complains after muslims tag graffiti on bus shelter, ‘Today land of wars, tomorrow land of Allah’




Many questions arise after the discovery of strange tags on Christian symbols in a commune in Dordogne. “Allah” was tagged on a Cherveix-Cuba ordeal revealed the South West newspaper on Tuesday.

Three tags on orders and a bus shelter​

According to our information, three tags have been discovered. in the commune of Dordogne, along the department 5: two inscriptions with the name of Allah on calvaries, stone crosses which are symbols of Christianity. The third inscription was found on a bus shelter "Today the land of wars, tomorrow land of Allah" . The mayor of Cherveix-Cubas does not understand, "I wonder what the motivations of people wrote this are, if they're adults, and it can be very serious in this cloudd time." .


Jean-Marie Queyroi was alerted on Tuesday morning by his first deputy. He went to file a file with the gendarmerie of Saint-Martial-d'Albarède. for these degradations, "I hope these people will be exposed and condemned" . The mayor of Cherveix-Cubas was called by the prefect of the Dordogne, "we are on the same wavelength", Jean-Marie Queyroi who says "Very angry and outraged" by what has just happened.

The mayor filed a complaint this Tuesday, February 20.

The mayor filed a complaint on Tuesday, February 20. - - Cherveix-Cubas City Council