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Footpath outside Mandarin Orchard Hotel is an accident waiting to happen (Orchard Link towards Orcha

Discussion in 'The Political / Serious Zone [no rep deductions]' started by bic_cherry, Dec 8, 2017.

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    Footpath outside Mandarin Orchard Hotel is an accident waiting to happen (Orchard Link towards Orchard Road).

    They should really widen footpath and draw a proper zebra crossing and reduce the number of lanes entering. Gahmen should tax cars more so that there are fewer cars on the road so that wider and better footpaths and zebra crossings (which can also accommodate bicycles) can be built. With so many cars entering, how are pedestrians to continue on footpath and who has right of way? If pedestrian is knocked down, car driver should shoulder at least 75% or more of pedestrian damage/medical costs and if pedestrian were elderly or handicapped, motor vehicle driver should be liable 99% at least for pedestrian damage caused (note the footsteps painted on the road). Since there is a single dotted line on the road, cars which change lanes into the pedestrian lane (filtering into Mandarin Orchard Hotel ) will have to give way to pedestrians using the PEDESTRIAN LANE.

    Pedestrian need not pay for motor vehicle damage because walking and public transport should be the normal modes of transport, a professional chauffeur with patient temperament and exceptional road safety skills should be the driver for those who wish to be ferried in the luxury of a private car/motor vehicle.

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