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Florida two-year-old shoots himself dead in car after finding dad's gun in glovebox



Florida two-year-old shoots himself dead in car after finding dad's gun in glovebox

PUBLISHED : Friday, 23 January, 2015, 11:09am
UPDATED : Friday, 23 January, 2015, 11:09am

Associated Press


Investigators gather outside an East Lake, Florida, home on Wednesday night, after two-year-old Kaleb Ahles died from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. Photo: AP

A Florida toddler is dead after finding his father’s .380-caliber handgun in the family’s car and shooting himself, officials said.

Kaleb Ahles, 2, was in the car Wednesday afternoon while his parents Kevin Ahles and Christina Nigro, both 23, loaded boxes as they prepared to move from their East Lake home, according to Pinellas County Sheriff’s deputies. The boy opened the glove compartment, where his father had stored the gun.

Kaleb lifted the gun, turned it so that it faced his chest and squeezed the trigger, the Tampa Bay Times reports.

His parents told deputies they heard a loud pop and ran to the car. The mother performed CPR, and the boy was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

“He probably barely got the trigger pulled,” said Sheriff Bob Gualtieri. He described the gun as a lightweight weapon usually carried in a pocket or on a hip.

Gualtieri called the incident a “tragic situation.”

The sheriff said the parents won’t face criminal charges — no one could punish them more than they’ll punish themselves, he said.

The child’s grandfather, a retired Tampa police detective who is also named Kevin Ahles, stood near the police tape outside the house Wednesday evening. “A great little kid was killed today,” he said. “That’s all there is to say.”