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First two men convicted in billion-dollar money laundering case to be deported: ICA



First two men convicted in billion-dollar money laundering case to be deported: ICA​

It is unclear where both individuals will be deported to after serving their sentences.

First two men convicted in billion-dollar money laundering case to be deported: ICA
Su Wenqiang and Su Haijin are the first two to be convicted in Singapore's largest money laundering case. (Illustrations: TODAY/Nurjannah Suhaimi, CNA/Lydia Lam)

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04 Apr 2024 08:29PM (Updated: 04 Apr 2024 08:35PM)
SINGAPORE: The first two men convicted in Singapore’s largest money laundering case will be deported after their jail terms, said the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) on Thursday (Apr 4).
The first man, Su Wenqiang, 32, was sentenced to 13 months' jail on Tuesday after admitting to 11 charges of money laundering, possessing proceeds from illegal remote gambling offences and lying to get work passes for himself and his wife.
The second man, Su Haijin was sentenced to 14 months' jail on Thursday. He pleaded guilty to three of 14 charges. These were for resisting lawful arrest and possessing around S$1.4 million (US$1.03 million) in criminal proceeds through a shell company.
The remaining charges, including money laundering, were taken into consideration for sentencing.
In response to CNA's queries, ICA said: "Foreigners convicted of offences in Singapore will be deported after serving their sentences and barred from re-entering Singapore.
"The location of deportation is dependent on the admissibility of the foreigner based on his/her valid passport."
Su Wenqiang is a Cambodian national whose passport states that he is from Fujian, China. Su Haijin is a Cypriot national.
All 10 who were arrested in relation to the case are of Chinese origin but have the nationalities and passports of countries like Cyprus and Cambodia.

Billion-dollar money laundering case: Man who jumped off balcony gets 14 months' jail

First man convicted in Singapore billion-dollar money laundering case

In total, more than S$3 billion in assets have been seized or frozen, likely making it one of the largest money laundering cases in the world.
Police conducted simultaneous raids across Singapore in August last year. All 10 were arrested at their residences in areas such as Sentosa Cove, Tanglin, Orchard, Holland and River Valley.
Besides Su Wenqiang and Su Haijin, a third accused man, Wang Baosen, has indicated that he will plead guilty. He is set to appear in court on Apr 16.
The cases of the remaining seven accused are in the pre-trial conference stages. All have been remanded as they were denied bail.
The police are also looking for two more suspects – Cambodian nationals Su Yongcan and Wang Huoqiang – who left Singapore before the raids.

red amoeba

Alfrescian (Inf)
He out already I believe. 13 month plus two third discount is like 9 months. He been detained 8 months liao. Means he will be out soon. He will have to answer to his bosses when he is back. Think he won’t last very long out there.


Alfrescian (Inf)
Only 13 and 14 months for both Su?

What would had happened if it is SInkies who are the one washing billion-dollar money?

Byebye Penis

curious questions:

1. Deport to China or their passport country? eg. Cambodia, Carribean islands, etc
2. Do they get to retain part of their wealth? They are so rich, retaining 10% is still a tidy sum.
3. Who owns the confiscated $$$? What do we do with it?

Narong Wongwan

Alfrescian (Inf)
Pay few millions to get out of jail. Not bad leh
Still get to keep the bulk
Slap on wrist
I wonder if China would be pissed