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FAQ on the Reputation System

Big Sexy

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Hi all

Here is the guide on how the rep system works.
if you have any questions on the rep system. Do post in this thread..

1. Everyone starts with 10 reputation points and reputation power of 0. When a reputation score of 35 points and 50 post is reached, reputation power becomes 1.

2. If reputation points drop to 0 or less, moderation starts. However, this is no reason to stop posting. The only difference is that there will be delay before your posts appear as they will have to be cleared from the moderation queue.

3. Number of posts have NO effect on reputation power.

4. 1 point of reputation power is gained every 365 days. (changed from 60)

5. One Reputation click allowed every 24 hours so award those clicks only when necessary.

6. Reputation spread figure is 38 which means you have to give reputation to 37 other members first before you can vote for a particular member again.

7. Flames and off topic posts may result in point deductions from sam or his moderator.

8. One reputation power is awarded for every 500 rep points. (was 100)

9. Above 700 points, Infraction power kicks in.

10. 1000 points added to all donor accounts. To make donation now, Click here (disabled with effect from 27 Feb 2013)

11. Donor accounts have the ability to automatically see who added or deducted points. This feature is not available for standard accounts.

12. Donor accounts add and zap DOUBLE the rep power of the account so if your power = 21 you add 42 points.

13. Comments must be left with all additions or deductions. [not required previously]

14. Rep cannot be added or deducted to posts which are more than 48 hours old. [To prevent members digging up old posts for the sole purpose of adding/subtracting points]

15. Only InfP accounts can subtract points.

16. If the forum title says [no rep subtractions], it means that reputation points can be added but not subtracted.
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Big Sexy

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How to give and zap points.

Step 1. Go to his post and look for the rep point button at the bottom left corner of the post. click on it.


[highlight] you can only give rep points according to your rep power. e.g i have a rep power of 4, so i can only give 4 rep points, no more, no less.[/highlight]
a message will appear telling you that the points has been successfully added/removed.

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Big Sexy

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Click on settings to see the comments you received via the rep system.

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Big Sexy

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Two Reputation clicks allowed every 24 hours so award those clicks wisely. :smile:

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Big Sexy

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How to give Infraction.??

Please note that you need to have more than 700 rep points, before you can use the Infraction feature.
Step 1

Step 2
Please note that 10 infraction points receive will result in a ban of 24 hours

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Alfrescian (Inf)
BS, got a "grey" up with anonymous LoL:p. Guess it's someone tried to humour me, but got no rep?


Alfrescian (InfP)
Generous Asset
According to Supermod post in Post 1, when rep is above 35, and post reach 50, 1 misery point is awarded.

How come it doesnt happen?
System failure?
Exercise of discretion like PAP?
Bo cheng hu?

Or i need to post more rubbish to reach 50posts?
This will surely encourage new members to generate more rubbish posts!
This system clearly needs to be refined.
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u are out of it! Twit!

Eh Goondu, when I made my post at #17 I was still under moderation despite having made more than 13 post.

Don't call me a twit coz I am not one. My name is Hudson.

But I can call you a goondu as reflected in your nick. LOL