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Expose the face of Djohan Darmadi - Forex Scammer


New Member
Total amount of money scammed by this guy from Singaporeans should exceeds 20 million USD.
The scammer has the audacity to call himself Top 100 Entrepreneur of Indonesia.
Apparently, many police reports have been made in Malaysia and Indonesia but both countries are corrupt to hell - the scammer has 'friends' at the top so no one dare to touch him including law enforcement.
In Singapore, not sure if police report has been filed, maybe people think that it's pointless to file because they can't get their money back even if this guy get sent to jail. It's better to continue to play nice with this guy so they still have a chance to persuade him to pay. My opinion - keep dreaming!:smile:

Just so you guys know, the guy still scam people through the following, do not get anywhere near him.

1) Intro

2) Scammer's real face

3) Maxwell Global

4) Sentratama and UW Global

5) Full zoom recording of the meeting between Djohan and his marketing team