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Egypt: An “extremist” kidnaps christian gril and sends her father a certificate declaring his daughter’s conversion to Islam



Martina Mamdouh: A girl undergoing neurological treatment after an accident is kidnapped and an “extremist” sends her father a certificate declaring his daughter’s conversion to Islam.

The mother of the student, Martina Mamdouh Wadi, who has been absent since May 10, collapsed and appealed to the responsible authorities and President Sisi to intervene for her return.


Social media pioneers circulated posts about the disappearance of Martina Mamdouh Wadi, from which it turned out that Martina - 21 years old, born in Al-Saf, Giza Governorate - is a student at the Faculty of Commerce, Cairo University, first year - The Open University. Her residence is Azzam Mosque Street, branching off from Jaagar Street, near the Production Hospital. Al-Harbi in Helwan. It belongs to the Diocese of Helwan, its bishop is Bishop Michael, and its representative is Archpriest Jeremiah.

Martina Mamdouh has been under psychological and neurological treatment since January 3, 2024 after she was involved in an accident as a result of a microbus collision with the tuktuk she was traveling in while she was on her way to her aunt’s house on Gesr Al Suez Street in Heliopolis. As a result, she suffered a concussion as a result of her face colliding, which also resulted in a broken nose and severe bleeding, and she passed away. She lost consciousness until she was transferred to a private hospital (Al-Durra Specialized Center in Heliopolis), and an operation was performed to install a chip in her nose. After the operation and the recovery period, Martina's family noticed her lack of concentration, and she was experiencing sudden disturbances, a feeling of depression, unexpected changes in mood and behavior, a feeling of extreme distress, suffocation, and sudden screaming without any reason. On January 10, the treating doctor diagnosed Martina as suffering from bipolar psychological disorder, and asked her family to follow up on her with the sedative medications he prescribed for her. Despite this, she attempted suicide by swallowing a packet of tablets from one of the sedative medications she was being treated with, and she had a screaming fit on Thursday, February 29. After her rescue in Kasr Al-Aini Hospital, her family took her to Evergreen Specialized Clinics and she was under psychological and neurological treatment.

As for the events of the disappearance: On the morning of May 10, Martina went at around ten in the morning to the Faculty of Commerce at Cairo University (Open University) to take the exam. Due to her psychological state, she was accompanied by her sister, Maryam Mamdouh. After the exam ended, at two in the afternoon, Martina disappeared and her sister could not find her, and her phone lines were closed.

The family says that the forced disappearance of Martina was carried out by an “extremist” person named Yasser Muhammad Khattab, who was working in Libya, married with three children, and currently residing in Shebin al-Kom in the Menoufia Governorate. This person was claiming that Martina took thirty thousand pounds from him to supplement the amount of the surgery (putting a chip in her nose, which was broken as a result of the accident). Then, a customary session was held on March 7, 2024, in which Martina’s father committed to paying the amount.
Yasser Muhammad Khattab - accused of kidnapping Martina

After the forced disappearance of Martina, her father, Mamdouh Wadih, filed an administrative report of his absence on Monday, May 13, 2024, at No. 3835, Helwan Department. The report was edited by Assistant Detective Major Ahmed Fathi. Then, the National Security officer responsible for the Coptic file in Helwan intervened after he learned that her father had accused that person. He asked the investigations assistant for papers proving that Martina was undergoing psychological and neurological treatment to attach to the report.

After that, Martina’s father, Mamdouh Wadih Saad, was surprised that that invitee sent him a certificate declaring Martina’s conversion to Islam, along with a text message stating that she had converted to Islam of her own free will (attached is a copy of the declaration dated Sunday, May 12, 2024, at Al-Azhar, Islamic Research Academy - Fatwa Committee - in Nasr City, and its name was changed to “ Qamar Mustafa Muhammad Youssef.


syed putra

Muslims believe that if they convert another, they will get a share of the converts merit points plus conversion bonus merit points.