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EggSLUT Introduces New Soy-Glazed Fried CHICKEN Sandwich


Eggslut Introduces New Soy-Glazed Fried Chicken Sandwich
eggslut burger
Image: Eggslut

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Try Eggslut’s latest sensation – the “Soy Chic” fried chicken sandwich.

Soy Chic Fried Chicken Sandwich by Eggslut​

eggslut burger
Image: Eggslut
“Soy Chic” is a culinary masterpiece that embodies sophistication with playfulness. It features a succulent fried chicken thigh, perfectly coated in Eggslut’s house-made soy glaze, offering a symphony of sweet and savory notes in every bite.
The “Soy Chic” is nestled between two toasted brioche buns and adorned with a cheddar slice. Eggslut’s signature over easy egg, and a delightful house-made coleslaw, adds a crisp and refreshing crunch to complement the savory goodness of the soy-glazed chicken.
Pair the crispy delight of the “Soy Chic” with the Freedom Craft Lager ($9.50), a brew meticulously selected to enhance the flavors of the sandwich. As a special treat, enjoy complimentary Truffle Hashbrowns with your “Soy Chic” and Freedom Lager bundle purchase at $21.50 (U.P. $27).

The “Soy Chic” is available at all Eggslut locations.

General Overview of Eggslut Singapore​

Want to know what else you can expect at Eggslut Singapore? Read on for our introduction to Eggslut from when it first opened in September 2021 by Carissa Soh.
Los Angeles cult favourite Eggslut opened in Singapore on 9 September 2021 as its very first location in Southeast Asia.
Eggslut Singapore’s menu feature signatures such as the Fairfax, Slut, and the wagyu-steak filled Gaucho, along with a selection of delectable sides to round off the meal. Here is what you can look forward to at Eggslut Singapore.

Eggslut Singapore Menu Items​

02 eggslut 1
The Eggslut menu features six-core signature sandwiches with the main ingredient being (as the name suggests) cage-free eggs served on warm fluffy brioche buns. There is also a speciality item, sides, beverages and coffee.


The all-time favourite and must-try sandwich at Eggslut is the Fairfax. It is a delectable combination of fluffy scrambled eggs over caramelised onions, cheddar cheese, and drizzled with sriracha mayonnaise. These eggs are cooked with a specific method by first un-whisking eggs into a cold pan, then brought up with plenty of cold butter and taken off the heat before they fully set.
At the first bite, we immediately noticed the fluffiness of the buttered brioche bun. When paired with the savoury and creamy scrambled eggs, we felt like we were biting into a buttery cloud with a burst of flavour. There was a lingering heat from the sriracha mayonnaise that prevented the taste of the rich buttery eggs from becoming overwhelming.
Fairfax with Avocado
For those who are going to be having Eggslut for the first time, this is definitely the item on the menu to go for. This burger can be customised by adding avocado, bacon or a beef patty with an additional fee. We highly recommend giving this item a try at least once!


For anyone in the mood for meat, the Gaucho is a wagyu tri-tip steak sandwich that is filled with a medium egg, chimichurri, red onions, dressed with arugula. The steak is cooked in a sous vide water bath and seared to perfection.
chewy tri-tip steak
We really enjoyed the tender strips of seasoned tri-tip steak and the tender bitterness of the arugula paired with bursts of egg with every bite.

Other classic burgers at Eggslut Singapore​

Other classic burgers at Eggslut Singapore
Another classic sandwich is the Bacon, Egg & Cheese which is made with Applewood smoked bacon over a medium egg, topped off with generous helpings of cheddar cheese and chipotle ketchup.
Sausage Egg & Cheese Sandwich, the Cheeseburger
Customers can also try Sausage Egg & Cheese Sandwich, the Cheeseburger or the Egg Salad Sandwich.
If you wish to pass on the bread, salad can be substituted on any sandwich with no extra cost.

Eggslut Speciality and Sides​

Eggslut Speciality and Sides Slut
Complete your meal at Eggslut with their speciality, the Slut, which is a massive dollop of smooth house-made potato puree served in a glass jar, gently topped off with coddled egg then cooked sous vide to a precise temperature and timing. Once done, the Slut is topped with grey salt and chives and served alongside crispy slices of baguette toast.
eggslut slut
This creamy combination is another dish worth trying and enjoyed warm for the best experience. We enjoyed dipping the slices of baguette bread into the creamy mashed potato and eggs. There is also the option to add bacon for a kick of umami.
Eggslut Singapore Menu Items
There are four sides available at Eggslut Singapore’s outlet. Customers can get some super decadent Truffle Hash Browns which is potato babycakes seasoned with duck fat, truffle and truffle rosemary salt. For something lighter, opt for a fresh arugula Side Salad dressed in red wine vinaigrette and topped with manchego cheese.
End the meal on a sweet treat with a house-made Buttermilk Biscuit served with honey butter or the Salted Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Coffee and Drinks at Eggslut Singapore​

Coffee and Drinks at Eggslut Singapore
For drinks, diners can enjoy Freshly brewed coffee by Common Man Coffee Roasters or Eggslut’s signature Fresh Orange Juice, which is extremely refreshing and perfect with any of the eggy dishes.
Two drinks that are exclusive to Eggslut Singapore are flavoured craft sodas brewed in collaboration with leading craft brewery, Brewlander who created two sodas exclusively for Eggslut. The sodas come in the refreshing flavours of Elderflower & Lemon and Grapefruit & Ginger.

Eggslut Singapore​

Eggslut Singapore
Eggslut Singapore has two locations.
Scotts Square: 6 Scotts Rd, #01-12, Singapore 228209
Suntec City: 3 Temasek Boulevard #01-604 Suntec City Mall, Singapore 038983
You can visit their website here.



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