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Does Singapore really need Such Powerful Cars ? Anyone Remembers the 2005 Miata Fatal Crash ?


...about 19 years ago, Angelina He Xue Li, 22 died when a Regan Lee Da Wen test-drive a Miata at Paya Lebar.

Google, " Who remembers this sad Story abt an accident in 2005"

It seems that no one learns from History,

The media still seduces many to buy and drive overly-powerful cars in congested-Singapore

Who pays the Bills for the Accident Clean up ?

Who Pays for the millions of hours lost, due to the traffice jams ?

When will this madness end ?

To the Traffic Police or Viganlante's reading this, please position Yourself opposite Tanglin Mall, at the beginning of Tanglin Road, and stand-by Video Cam.

Very often, One can see the Rabbit-Acceleration of various Super cars from the Tanglin-Napier-Grange Junction, shooting up Tanglin Road.

These Super Cars seems to enjoy immunity from TP's Enforcement, yes/ no ?

Similar Carnage shall continue,....