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Does Islam go crazy? Confused knife wielding muslim frightens kindergarten children in Germany



n Thursday, a “confused man” – specifically a 30-year-old Syrian guest of Faeser – put kindergarten children and staff in Aschaffenburg into death. The “man” ran around the garden of the facility with a knife in his hand. The employees were able to bring the little ones to safety in the building. The police overpowered the man. A short time afterwards it was clear that the guy was mentally confused. Question: Do these believers in the Allah have really one at the gossip? Or is it their religion that makes them clouded?

A “man” – according to the politically correct mainstream media designation – ran around with a knife in the garden of an Aschaffenburg kindergarten on Thursday. The employees had brought the small children inside and informed the police. A patrol overwhelmed the “man” with pepper spray. According to the police, the staff and the children were then looked after by professionals from the Bavarian Red Cross and trained officials together with their parents. The background to the man's behaviour is currently the subject of the investigation, it continued.

Nevertheless, the police now seem to know that the “man” – and here too we are becoming concrete again: a 30-year Syrian faician guest – is mentally confused. At least that is what the headlines of the mainstream media suggest, which frame the Syrian as a “confused man in Aschaffenburg” from image to time.

Since Angela Merkel has opened the borders of this country to millions, mostly male, young Muslims, brutal acts of violence, in which her guests appear as allegedly psychologically disturbed perpetrators. Even if these machete-swinging and according to their Islamist battle cry “Allahu Akbar” screaming up their victims, they almost always have incapacity for mental illness.

However, if anyone who dares to ask whether such believers in the Allah believers really have one at the clapping or whether it is perhaps their religion, which makes them close, ends up in court faster than he can say Allahu-Akbar. Thus, the AfD politician Björn Höcke, who stabbed two young craftsmen on the street in 2022 after a knife attack by a somary in Ludwigshafen and injured a young man in a drugstore dangerously in a drugstore in 2022:

“Probably the perpetrator is mentally ill and suffers from the widespread widespread disease among immigrants, which makes those affected shout “Allahu Akbar” and whose perception is so distorted that they see life unworthy of life in the “infidel” hosts.” The 27-year-old was – as Höcke orakelten – housed in a psychiatric hospital on taxpayer costs because he is said to suffer from paranoid schizophrenia. Höcke, however, had to take responsibility for his precise prediction in court for sedition.

In this respect, due to the frequency, the incident on Thursday in Aschaffenburg was a normal day in the best Germany we ever had. And don't forget: in the past, there was already and the Germans do something like that. Go on, there is nothing to see. And: Islam means peace!