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Div-1 Govt worships FT sportspeople until out of proportion!



Can you believe what you see and hear about the Div-one Govt people worshipping the FT sportspeople like God. Why are they doing the overkill ?At first, it is old Lee(you people call old fart or old fuck ) who attended the fireworks, then you have the Istana keeper with his entourage(including MPs) flying to beijing to lending support to the FT sportspeople.

At home, you have the MP like Miss Vivian welcoming back the loser Tao Li .

Worst of all, it was like a mass stupidity for the media people calling these FT sportspeople heroines. The local media simply went crazy about them.

And instead of devising a plan to nurture the local talents with the help of FT sportspeople, the Div-one is preparing the same people for the next olympics.

can you imagine the insanity, by that time the ping pong girls would become senior citizens in the sports perspective.

Did local-sportspeople have the same treatment when they lose ??? What say you, miss vivian?

I think the Div-one people are going out of proportion worshipping these people, i am not advocating that we should marginalise these losers but what are the Div-one MPs trying to prove to the public? Do these civil servants calling these people heroines under duress or are they trying to please someone? Or are they putting on a show to earn their keep??
Anyway, the rendition by these Div-one people is simply going nuts, i have no words to explain, i can only say---A national shame to the local singaporeans.
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