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disinformation war: it is FAKE NEWS to call real news Fake!


DENIAL of TRUTH is another form of FAKE NEWS! It is more frequent than the fabricated FAKE NEWS.


台军报告竟称解放军演习是假新闻 网友嘲讽没救了
台军报告竟称解放军演习是假新闻 网友嘲讽没救了



  台防务部门发报告 称解放军军演为“假新闻”








  港媒:震慑“台独” 金门或听到隆隆炮声





The Taiwan military reported that the PLA exercises were false news.

The Taiwan military reported that the People’s Liberation Army exercises were false news. Netizens had mocked and failed to save.


The Taiwan public’s attitude toward this kind of self-deception is rather silent, and the Taiwanese authorities are sarcastically “head buried in the earth like an ostrich.”

The People's Liberation Army will conduct live firing exercises in the Taiwan Strait on April 18th. However, the Taiwan Defense Department is still "hard-nosed" and the exercise is only a routine exercise. It even nicknames this as a "false news" deliberately rendered by the mainland official media. The Taiwan public’s attitude toward this kind of self-deception is rather silent, and the Taiwanese authorities are sarcastically “head buried in the earth like an ostrich.”

The Taiwan Defense Department issued a report saying that the PLA military exercise was "false news"

According to the "Joint News Network" report, the Taiwan Defense Department will implement a special report on "The People's Liberation Army will perform live in the Taiwan Strait on April 18, and Taiwan's intelligence on the situation and related factors should be taken as an example." Many statements in the report are full of self-deceiving meanings. It is said that the routine training conducted by the Chinese mainland military in Shishi District of Fujian Province is not a targeted exercise, but a false news that the mainland official media intentionally expands rendering. At the same time, military threatening operations such as the maritime parade and the fighter plane's implementation of off-air flight training were highlighted, highlighting the "united front" strategy of the mainland against the Taiwan authorities' "text attack and threatening".

The report nicknamed, “China announced on April 12 that a no-fly zone was set up along the coast near Shishi in Fujian and that it planned to perform routine live-fire training. The exercise site was 68 kilometers away from the Strait’s central line. Mainland media deliberately emphasized that it was conducted in the Taiwan Strait. Exercises have created tensions in the region in an attempt to disrupt and shake Taiwan’s morale.”

The Taiwan Defense Department clamored that all intelligence units in Kinmen will strengthen their mastery of the maritime situation and the PLA's shooting activities. The combat readiness force will also step up its combat readiness and maintain its vigilance, and all units will maintain normal training.

Taiwanese ridiculed the Taiwan authorities: like ostriches

In response to this Taiwanese authority's self-deceiving attitude, the Taiwanese people are also quite speechless. They satirized the authorities and "like ostriches, they buried their heads in the earth and they did not see or see."

There are netizens who have asked the Taiwanese authorities, “The 12th suddenly announced its suspension for its 3 days of training in the South China Sea. It was only for regular training on the 18th. Didn't it aim at sex?”

Some netizens pointed out with indignation: "Taiwanese poisoning will really kill Taiwan." "If the war broke out, these political clowns will be collected and handed over to the People's Liberation Army."

Hong Kong media: shocking "Taiwan independence" Golden Gate or hearing rumbling guns

The Central Military Commission held a grand parade on the sea in the South China Sea on April 12 with 48 ships, 76 fighters, and more than 10,000 officers and men. This is the largest sea parade in the history of New China. In this regard, Hong Kong media issued a statement saying that this move was a shock to "Taiwan independence" and that Kinmen might hear the rumbling of guns.

The Central Evaluation Agency believes that the mainland’s selection of live firing exercises in the Taiwan Strait at this time will not be as simple as the Taiwan military has said. The Taiwan Strait exercise must be interpreted in the latest changes in cross-strait relations. According to the commentary, many people believe that both the South China Sea military parade and the Taiwan Strait live-fire shooting exercise are highly targeted. They are a strong response to the United States intervening in the South China Sea and the recent warming up of the "U.S.-Taiwan relations," both for the United States and even for "Taiwan independence." .

Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council: With confidence and ability to defeat any form of "Taiwan independence"

In response to a reporter’s question on the PLA’s practice of conducting live ammunition drills in the waters of the Taiwan Strait, Ma Xiaoguang, spokesperson of the State Council’s Taiwan Affairs Office, stated on the 13th that we have on many occasions stated our firm opposition to “Taiwan’s independence”. I would like to stress once again that we have firm will, full confidence and sufficient capabilities to frustrate any form of "Taiwan independence" separatist schemes and actions and safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity.