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Diners will soon need to wash Amy Khor's smelly clam with a brush in hawker centre.


LOL, 'researchers'. Just a bunch of porlumpar vermins from academia. I'm sure they're well paid for releasing this 'survey result'. :biggrin:

Oh wow, I geniunely wonder why? :roflmao:
Just leemember, we are ALWAYS in Good Hands....Your Problem will ALWaYs to be FIXED


More likely recruit becum HDB agent, Insurance agent and bright one becum Lawyers or Bankers...fighting for ever shrinking pie aka local market

Co Sgt continue his JLB day in Army..and live his life happily ever after...
Most of the sgt will become trainers or specialists passing time in the barracks and waiting hopefully for the 4d results. 555

syed putra

You don't put those pig bones on the
table. Just leave it on side of plates. Or a serviette. Or paper plates.
stinking filthy culture.

red amoeba

Alfrescian (Inf)
the solution is simple - revert to circuit breaker, no eating at hawker, only ta pow.
the other way, which is government's fav tactic - all diners to pay makan in tax, ta pow no tax. with this, ppl will not eat at hawker but ta pow.

both measures solve the problem.