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Death of 28-year-old man after COVID-19 vaccination ruled 'medical misadventure' by State Coroner: MOH


The stats given was for myocarditis alone. What about other serious adverse effects? blood clots, stillbirth and possibly more as time goes by. The vaccines were proven to be useless. A total fraud. So that leaves one with only risks and zero benefits.

Issit some shots are saline? If now ok mean ok right?


No government creates wealth, they are like a parasite which siphons wealth.

In Buddhist philosophy, wealth is always taken away by kings (governments), thieves, fires, floods and wasteful heirs.

A small, limited government is your only guarantee of prosperity, liberty and security. The PAP government is neither small nor limited, if you haven't noticed already.

A government that is big enough to give you everything you want, is also big enough to take everything away from you.

An government that is not limited or restricted is like an unleashed feral dog, a menace to everyone within its reach.
The govt is big be cause they gave their jobs away to the FTs. Have to create bs jobs to keep supporters from going hungry. And that is that. :cool:


Old Fart
Having a bigger cock is all that matters.:thumbsup: And it's worth it! :biggrin: