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DCS Credit Card has poor customer service



DCS Card Centre​

Average 1.7 stars reviews

Very hard to get through to customer service. Called many many times on different days before I got through on the 6th attempt.

Customer service is absolutely atrocious with this credit facility. Only signed up because the POPULAR bookstore had co-branded the card with them but every time there is an issue it takes so bloody long to get through to their customer service rep. Even if you call the customer service line, after pressing 0 and waiting to speak to a rep the call just automatically drops without even processing anything. Terrible. Save yourself from the hassle of dealing with them, seriously.

My card has been blocked and 3 weeks plus of contacting them via helpline is impossible as line is forever busy and when trying to leave a voice message, the line is cut before I can act! No one also tried to call me back after they blocked my card too. I also have had paid my bills before due without rollover debt, so I also don't understand why my card is blocked in first place too!

I have had been trying to request for annual fee waiver but to no avail in the past 2 weeks. Sent emails including left messages to call back but until just now, managed to get through the service number 64160800 and able to waive off the annual fee and late charge. Apparently, via email and leaving messages are not effective. And I might not had understood the options over the phone until just now, listening to the instruction carefully and press 0 to wait in queue... :P

Terrible experience. Then I realized, customer service is rather non-existent. It is next to impossible to get hold of an actual person on their customer service line. There were days I would call almost every hour from the morning til their closing time - NOTHING, ALWAYS BUSY!
Their auto-reply also would state they would get back in 5 -10 days, which is terribly a long timeframe, seriously!
Their APP is also lacking and pale in comparison to other bank/ card services that offers a credit card service. Well, it's a good move the least finally - they didn't have this app until this year (2022/ 23?). They have been terribly behind in that sense in technological service for customers.
Their is a failure in their system somewhat, whoever is in charge should seriously look into it.


Many people got scammed, including my relative. That's why the phone-line is jammed.
No worry! PAP MP Tin Pei Ling is working full time at DCS now, you can call her anytime.

You may visit her at meet the people session to discuss your problem with DCS


No worries, ask for her help.