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Confirmed: COVID-19 Started in the US and Europe, not China!


COVID-19 timeline shows that COVID-19 was detected in the US, Italy, France & Spain in late 2019 before it appeared in China.

This opens a Pandora box which includes the possibility that the SARS-Cov-2 virus was actually created in a US lab and seeded in Wuhan during the Military World Games exercise there in Oct 2019.

Incidentally, Russia has just closed 39 US-funded bioweapon facilities in Ukraine.

A slap in the face for all the US fanboys out there who believe that the US stands for all things good and China all things evil.


Covid: The WHO vs China

"A national scandal".​

10 JAN 2024


  1. The CDC found that Covid was endemic in the US by December, 2019, when1.4% of Americans had Covid-19 antibodies.
  2. France, Italy, and Spain found confirmed cases and traces of the virus in late 2019. See COVID-19-related dermatosis in November 2019. Could this case be Italy'spatient zero?
  3. The WHO says China was Covid-free before December, 2019.
  4. Below: note two peaks of positivity for Covid antibodies: late September, 2019, peaking in October, and February 2020 peaking in the second week. Out of 16 positive samples, 11 (68.7%) originated in Lombardy:


Covid is history. Don’t even bother with it. they are now in Davos busy planning to roll out Disease X. SG has a star player onboard