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CNA fake news? Released big big world exclusive that Najib pardon will be discussed in 3rd week of Jan. Nothing happened!


End up all the other international media quoted CNA’s article



Malaysia set to decide on jailed former PM Najib’s high-stakes bid for royal pardon​

A royal pardon for the former premier, who's serving a 12-year prison sentence for graft convictions tied to the 1Malaysia Development Bhd debacle, could turn into a hot political potato for PM Anwar Ibrahim, say observers.

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia’s Pardons Board, which is headed by its king, is set to determine soon whether to grant disgraced former premier Najib Razak a royal pardon to his 12-year jail sentence for convictions tied to the 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) debacle, a decision that could have political ramifications for Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim’s government and the country’s monarchy.

Najib’s application for a royal pardon first came before the Pardons Board in a meeting in December, but the matter was deferred to this month’s session, which is now scheduled for the third week of January and likely to see a decision being made.


Bolehland is always known for delays as usual...