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[China] - An eye surgeon in China beats up an 82-year-old grandmother he was operating on until she became permanently blind in 1 eye


Alfrescian (InfP)
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Aier China said in a statement that the patient had moved her head and eyes multiple times during the procedure and had not responded to the doctor's warnings in Mandarin as she could only speak a local dialect. Because of this, the surgeon lost his temper.

In the video, the surgeon suddenly begins to punch the patient several times in the head with increasing force. The patient appears to jerk in response, and a medical assistant rushes forward. The surgeon has been suspended, and the hospital's CEO has been dismissed by the hospital's parent company, Aier China, said the report.

The patient's son told local media outlets that his mother is now blind in her left eye, but it was not clear whether this was related to the incident, per the BBC.