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Serious Chief Justice Menon Fucks Lower Tier Judge Soh For Unsatisfactory Judgement Against Good Whiteman! Anyhow Jail Him For 16 Weeks Instead Of 12 Weeks!


Alfrescian (Inf)
I am not a lawyer so I cannot understand what's wrong with the learned judge reproducing large chunks of the prosecution’s submissions in his written grounds of decision.
Isnt this the same as stare decisis or use of precedents in court decision for deciding subsequent cases involving similar facts or issues.
If the judge agrees with the DPP , why is there a need to change the wordings esp when the "ang mo" already pleaded guilty to one charge and agreed for the second to be taken into consideration.
Is it any different from the use of quotations, references and citations?
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The biggest flaw in our judiciary system is that ex-DPPs are being appointed as judges to hear criminal cases where the DPPs coming before them are ex-colleagues and friends. Their mindsets are also pro-Prosecution. They're just out to convict as that's what they did when they were DPPs.


Lots of politics in the judiciary. Soh must have stepped on some toes. Or someone didn't want him to be moved up.