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Chitchat Celest Chong LIVE Performance @ Canadian Film Centre


Celest Chong is, without a doubt, the most multi-talented superstar export of Singapore to the world. International acheivements in acting both film and tv in both english and chinese, solo music albums and compositions, performing worldwide , a supermodel throughout the world and radio personality with her own talk show.
This beautiful long-legged lass started modelling at the age of 12, quickly raising to supermodel status. She was discovered by the late renown producer of the Sex Pistols, Malcolm McLaren, to have the `voice and face of an angel’. She was the lead singer of Jungk that was sort after by Warner Music USA, Universal USA and Island Records USA. Chris Black of Island Records, personally praised her beauty and talent while the band was in LA. She later went solo and continued her singing career back in Asia, releasing 3 solo albums with Universal Taiwan and her lastest with Grammy Music China.
Her strong repertoire of live music performances touring on her album’s promotions throughout China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore has made it known that `this girl can really sing’. So if it is true that one can indeed possess looks and an impeccable voice, Celest is the one to prove it truest.
This songbird, proved herself not only a beautiful voice but a true-life beauty in acting and her ability to portray life’s greatest stories. Her lastest film was with her starring against veteran actor and director Wu Ma in `Acalea Blossoms’ by the Society for Youth Welfare in all of China shown in all schools throughout China portrays the true life story of a university student with lukemia who gave up treatment to teach voluntarily in the most impoverished mountain areas of China. In line with Celest’s consistent acts of charity bringing attention to that which is necessary to life. Always the leading lady or a few special guest appearances, Celest has starred in productions in 14 TV series & 4 feature films in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada & USA.