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CCP starts to harvest 2,450 tonnes of durians in June



Could China’s durian-farming ambitions end up testing Thai and Malaysian market dominance?

  • Hainan’s first durian harvest is expected to send 2,450 tonnes of the pungent fruit to market next month
  • China imported more than 824,000 tonnes of fresh durians last year, four times more than in 2017

Ralph Jennings and Mia Nulimaimaiti
Published: 12:00pm, 22 May, 2023

Malaysian durian expert Lim Chin Khee visits China every two months to help farmers grow the pungent tropical fruit.

Among the advice that the founder of the Durian Academy, near Kuala Lumpur, dispenses to growers of plantations larger than 404 hectares (1,000 acres) is to avoid wasting water and fertiliser.

Malaysia, meanwhile, exports high-end frozen durians from smaller farms to China, a rapidly expanding tropical fruit market for much of Southeast Asia.



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