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Cat saves dog from attacking coyotes



Cat saves dog from attacking coyotes​

EDMOND, Okla. (KFOR) – A dog in Oklahoma is alive and wagging her tail thanks to the family cat who scared off two attacking coyotes.

Oakley, a dog, and Binx, a cat, have very different personalities, according to their owners. But they’ve been family ever since Binx wandered into their lives.

“She was neighborhood cat [who] just showed up when she was about two months old,” said owner Lane Dyer.

On Nov. 30, Binx also proved her devotion to Oakley after the Havanese dog was injured by a couple of coyotes.

Security footage recorded by the Dyer family shows the 6-year-old dog being let outside to go to the bathroom, at which point she was attacked by a coyote “out of nowhere,” Dyer recalled. Then another coyote arrived, the video showed.

Thankfully, Binx soon appeared.

“[Binx] jumped down and scared them off, it was the craziest thing ever,” said Dyer.

Binx, courtesy of Lane Dyer
Binx’s brave actions gave Oakley enough time to run inside. But the dog was already badly wounded.

“[The coyotes] cut her open and she was gushing blood, you know, from her chest and her side,” said Dyer.

The Dyers rushed Oakley to a veterinary hospital. She was stitched up and her leg was put in a splint. Veterinarians told the Dyers that Oakley may have to have her leg amputated, but fortunately, she’s healed and her limb remains intact.

Oakley, courtesy of Lane Dyer
The Dyers are now thankful to have Oakley back to her old self — and they’re especially proud of Binx.

“It was inspiring to see just our little outdoor cat just jump at two coyotes that were attacking this little dog who she loves and run them off,” Dyer said.

Binx, meanwhile, is still keeping a watchful eye on the woods, according to her owners.