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Cantonese Movies to Watch...


Alfrescian (Inf)

Simon Yam plays a cop who becomes shell-shocked after his squad is massacred by a group of Mainland criminals. He gets sent to head a group of bumbling cops on a small island, and things seem to be going okay. That is, until the same group of Mainland thugs come to the island to take revenge for one of their brothers and start to take over the entire town, killing and raping as they go. Eventually, Yam and the island's few survivors team up to take on the group.
A Day Without Policemen should satisfy fans of Cat III movies and Simon Yam fans alike.
A Day Without Policeman



Alfrescian (Inf)
《黎明 Leon Lai》電影『愛你愛到殺死你』Killing Me Tenderly (粵語) 1997