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Calculation of respective liability in PMD vs Car collisions @ zebra crossings


Proposed Calculation of respective liability in PMD vs Car collisions @ zebra crossings



Since the speed limit of PMD is 15kph on shared paths and 25kph on park connector network, cars and other road vehicle drivers MUST expect PMD to sometimes approach zebra crossings at speeds faster than pedestrian walking speeds and given to the fact that PMD/ walking is a more onerous being unshielded from the weather/ elements (but healthy/ CO2 emissions friendly) mode of transport, make especial effort to give way / look out for such vulnerable road users at these highlighted PMD/ pedestrian crossing points where footpath users have LEGAL right of way.

All motor vehicles would thus have to keep especial lookout and slow down to ensure that there are no PMD users etc intending to cross or to avoid any collision by yielding to the pedestrian, runner or PMD user.

Should any unfortunate collision happen whereby it is proven that the PMD user was travelling ABOVE the footpath speed limit of 15kph, then the motor vehicle speed would be taken into consideration at a multiple of AT LEAST TWICE OR MORE the estimate approach speed.

E.g. If the car approached the zebra crossing at 40kph and collided with a PMD travelling at 20kph, then the car driver liability would be 80%.

However, if the PMD was travelling BELOW 15kph in bright daylight, then the car driver has 95%-100% liability and no mitigation because he failed to keep a proper lookout and drive carefully.

If the collision happened at night between a car moving at 30kph and an UNLIT PMD travelling at 10kph under POOR LIGHTING CONDITIONS, then the car driver would be (30x2)/70= 85.7%.

As Singapore becomes a more crowded and cosmopolitan city, and more are encouraged to use car lite transport options like cycling or public transport, car and other heavy vehicle drivers will have to learn to be more cautious and accepting of higher footpath (zebra crossing) use and other PMD/ pedestrian traffic.