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Businessman jailed for hurting men in queue



Businessman jailed for hurting men in queue


Tuesday, Jul 31, 2012

A 36-year-old businessman was sentenced to one and a half years jail last Monday for causing grievous hurt to two men after a tiff over using an AXS machine.

The Straits Times reported that Tay Fook Yuan had been using the self-payment machine when a man in the queue made comments about him taking a long time.

Taking offense, a fight ensued and Tay fractured the eye socket of retired police officer Charlie Chua Cheng Yam.

Mechanic Lin Chin Ngut, a friend of Chua's, was also involved in the fight and sustained a fractured nose and cheek.

Tay suffered a bruised head and knuckles as well as an abrasion on his scrotum.

Mr Chua, 59 and Mr Lin, 54 had been drinking beer before the incident, however, the judge noted that there was no medical evidence to show that the duo had been drunk.

The judge also found Tay's testimony "fraught with deception and manipulation" during the 16-day trial.

He had made contradictory versions on how he sustained the abrasions on his scrotum, she pointed out.

Mr Chua, regarded by the judge as a truthful witness by the judge, testified that on Oct 15, 2009, he wanted to help Mr Lin use an AXS machine.

As Tay had been taking a long time at the machine in Yishun Ring Road, the duo went off to look for another machine.

However, they could not find one and returned to the queue where Tay was still at the machine.

Mr Chua then told Tay in Hokkien: "Young man, be considerate."

Tay was offended by the remark, and confronted him after his transaction.

Mr Chua called the police after the assault, and the three were taken for medical treatment.

Tay is currently out on a bail of $15,000 and appealing against the conviction and sentence.

However, the prosecution has appealed for a stiffer punishment.

The maximum jail term for the offence is 10 years. In addition, Tay could be fined up to $10,000 or caned up to 24 strokes.

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