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Serious Bro Chun Sing Explains What Sort Of Gifts Ministers Can Receive!


Alfrescian (InfP)
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lol if you accept something less than $50 and it affected the integrity of the civil service, then u got some serious issues.

I keep my gifts at $49.80. Got 20 cents margin of safety. No one can accuse me of corrupting our politicians or civil servants.


50 bucks threshold set how many years ago? Should increase the amount index to inflation....than iswaran would not be charged for a 500k benefits

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Can our Ministers decide each other's obscene salaries? They have been doing this for decades.
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Forget targeting late Old Man and fam. During his time, Sg'reans had nice affordable big flats they they could fully paid up. After he handed over to Swiss standard Goh and went senile, shit hits the fan