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Chitchat Brave Ah Tiong family left China to get to US illegally (Sinkies got balls?!)

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Dad, Mum, and 13-year-old Lucy departed Chengdu, China with hopes of illegally entering the United States. They are part of a growing trend called ‘zou xian’ or ‘Walk The Line’ in Chinese internet slang, referring to those who take long and arduous detours to America. Their journey across the continent started in Ecuador, spanning 7 countries and 6,000km.


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Wa lao..this news has been reported all over Taiwanese media ever since covid ban lifted from china. Swarm of Chinese left china for Americans by flying to a country which need no visa. From there they flew to country in south American.

Then they start their journey. If the Myanmar organ harvesting organization is being planted there right inside the forest, that will be a harvest for them.
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