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[Bolehland] - Singaporean family eating dinner in JB finds car window smashed, valuables stolen


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Singapore family eating dinner in JB finds car window smashed, valuables stolen​


PHOTO: Stomp
A meal out in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, on Saturday night (July 8) turned sour for a family after they returned to their car to find that it had been broken into.
Stomp contributor IK said cash of RM570 (around S$165), two bags and her sister's mobile phone were stolen from the vehicle.
She recounted: "Our family went for dinner at a restaurant at Jalan Layang 16. My husband dropped the family in front of the restaurant because my 77-year-old mother has walking difficulties and is using a wheelchair most of the time.
"After my husband dropped us off, he parked a short distance ahead from the restaurant because the other parking lots were full."
According to IK, her husband parked under a road sign.
The sign that the family had parked under. PHOTO: Stomp
The Stomp contributor added: "When we were done with dinner, we walked back to the car and realised that our car window had been smashed with a stolen t-shirt. The shirt hanger was left on the ground and the shirt was in our backseat.
"My sister and daughter’s bags in the backseat were stolen."
IK believes that the burglars had likely been observing her family before choosing them as targets.
She also said the hanger led her to believe that the shirt was stolen, as it was "unlikely the thieves brought their own shirt with a hanger along".
The shirt had likely been used to muffle the smashing sound.
IK explained: "We were at the restaurant from 6pm+ to 7.50pm and were seated in the outdoor dining area, where the burglars could see our whole family at the dining table very clearly from the parked car.
"There were many cars there but we were the only ones targeted. It seemed that the burglars knew that we were at the restaurant so it is likely they were diners there too or near this popular restaurant.
"When they observed that passengers had been dropped off and the car was parked a distance away, we were locked as targets."
IK and her family lodged a police report in JB on the same night. She also noted that the smashed car window will have to be replaced, but is unsure of how much it will cost.
Speaking to Stomp while at the police station, IK said: "I would like to share this story so that fellow drivers can be more vigilant.
"Make sure to park your car nearby as you could be targeted once you drop off passengers at a crowded place and subsequently park the car away from your line of sight.
"And always bring along your bags with you. Do not leave them in the car even if you do not have your wallet or valuables in the bags."
This article was first published in Stomp. Permission required for reproduction.
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Why the car has no vibration alarm? Some alarm systems are so sensitive that even a loud thunder would have triggered it.