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BIOWEAPONS FACTORIES: New study finds that the fully vaccinated are shedding mRNA and spike proteins onto the unvaccinated



It is entirely possible, according to the findings of a recent study, that those who are fully vaccinated for covid shed messenger RNA (mRNA) and spike proteins onto others, including the unvaccinated.

This is the perspective held by Dr. Peter McCullough, an outspoken opponent of covid jabs who cites a paper published by French pharmacologist Dr. Helene Banoun in the medical journal Infectious Diseases Research, as evidence of this.

The un-injected can contract covid jab ingredients via bodily fluids such as saliva, sweat, and sexual contact, Dr. Banoun found. Pfizer’s own clinical trials reveal much the same, suggesting that covid jab ingredients can pass “through inhalation or skin contact,” as well as “through semen from a man … and passage through breast milk.”

(Related: Check out this episode of the Health Ranger Report on Natural News Radio to learn more about how pine needle tea, suramin, and shikimic acid can help to mitigate any potential damage caused by covid jab shedding.)

Covid vaccines are a BIOWEAPON developed more than a decade before Operation Warp Speed​

We now know, based on Dr. McCullough’s extensive research into the matter, that the mRNA technology used in the covid injections taken by most of the now-vaccinated population was developed by none other than the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) as far back as 2011 – a decade before the covid scamdemic appeared.

Based on this, it would surmise that testing was taking place on these injections long before Donald “father of the vaccine” Trump launched Operation Warp Speed. Trump bragged, as you may recall, about getting his injections which he has repeatedly taken credit for, developed, tested, and thrust onto the market at warp speed.

It turns out that covid injections were a long time in the making, rendering Trump’s claims a lie. The shots are a bioweapon that was more than likely intentionally developed in such a way as to spread itself to the unvaccinated via shedding.

“Sadly, these careful development steps were skipped from the beginning in our military-style vaccine development program, and now the public is grappling with the issue of nucleic acid and Spike protein shedding as a potential concern among those who have worked so hard to remain healthy and free of COVID-19 vaccination,” Dr. McCullough writes on his blog.

“The pivotal questions are: 1) For how long is a recently vaccinated person at risk to shed on to others? 2) Can mRNA be taken up by the recipient and begin to produce Spike protein just like vaccination? 3) Can shed Spike protein cause disease as it does in the vaccinated (e.g., myocarditis, blood clots, etc.)?”

Based on all that is now known about these injections, including their bioweapon ingredients, many, including Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisc.), are calling for their immediate removal from the market. Dr. McCullough also wants them halted immediately for public safety, having spoken at a recent roundtable event hosted by Sen. Johnson.

“The pathway to prevent any more harm is that all the vaccines need to be pulled off the market, withdrawn. That needs to happen immediately,” Dr. McCullough is quoted as saying.

“All the vaccine mandates should be dropped immediately. We need requests for applications and immediate funding for vaccine injury treatment centers of excellence across the United States. What’s at stake here is death.”

You can read through Dr. Banoun’s study for yourself to see what Dr. McCullough, Sen. Johnson, and others are seeing that is prompting them to call for covid vaccination to end immediately.


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