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Biden calls Xi a dictator after carefully planned summit


The moment china invade taiwan will see the collapse of ccp.
A war will bleed China dry like what Ukraine is doing to Russia. Not just the collapse of CCP, probably the collapse of China's economy, civil war and its fragmentation into several regions.

Xi may be stubborn and clueless, but I don't think he's suicidal.



Biden again calls Xi a 'dictator', China slams remark as 'extremely wrong' & 'irresponsible'​

This time in San Francisco.

U.S. president Joe Biden has once again called China president Xi Jinping a "dictator" right after meeting Xi.

Back when Biden made this remark in June, China's foreign ministry denounced Biden's remark as "absurd" and "provocative".

This time, the ministry criticised his remark as "extremely wrong" and "irresponsible" on Nov. 16, CNA reported.