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Best Man Win pump petrol $135 pay only $10


Freddy Foong fuck you Chao cheebye piece of shit
I see you one time outside I will fuck you one time I see you two time I will fuck you two time.
You think I joking you wait and find out.

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Alfrescian (Inf)
Must use real name then ada power lah.

got real name means can csi which unit hum kar cham stay liaoz

In case you want the buy pump, email or call or visit this hum kar cham at Ubi Road.

Pic CR: BMW Slt6883G - SG Caltex Bully FB page

Machiam tonychat aka rectmobile, not official but NG JUN MING is official lor, in the NRIC and Passports and also the telcos lor.


Alfrescian (Inf)
This freddy foong hum kar cham already closed down his FB account. The moment this poo bor kia closed his FB confirm its this hum kar cham.

And also fucked those who say dont touch this hum kar cham’s family?

How many times this hum kar cham did this trick already? Did this hum kar cham think about the families of the people he cheated?


Alfrescian (Inf)
The internet is a wonderful place indeed. Good begets good, evil begets evil. Apparently, his ploy is to tell the pump attendant "fill ten". This is normally misheard as "full tank". Especially to an old uncle whose 1st language is probably not English, and may be hard of hearing.