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beautiful singapore!


Alfrescian (Inf)
we know guests from all over the world visit sbf to check on sg. with all the negativity, misinformation, threats of violence, bitterness and complaints in the courtyard forum, they will think sg is an asylum of nut cases. well, in reality, sg is far from all these false impressions. how about a thread on a travel destination that is taken for granted here? sg is actually and factually a beautiful and amazing place to visit. country is clean and green, people are friendly and helpful, food is fantastic, and everything works smoothly and efficiently. cum to sg. you'll not be disappointed. :p

in my opinion, the best and most serene corner in sg is the national orchid garden within the botanic gardens.



Let's face it, everywhere is beautiful, Singapore or JB or SF or Jkk or Mumbai as long as people have the freedom and affordable choices to live the life of their dreams.