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Attention Attention. ASTRAZENECA admitted COVID vaccine can cause TTS de woh


someone posted iz about corruption. best iz about itz inefficacy. ze more ineffective ze vaccine, ze safer it iz :thumbsup::biggrin::cool:

The Paper reported that Yang Xiaoming was accused of violating the spirit and integrity disciplines stipulated by the 8-point Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, including illegally accepting gifts; violating organizational disciplines and failing to truthfully report personal matters; taking advantage of his position to seek benefits for others and illegally accepting property from others. Bribery crimes, etc. He has been removed from his position as a deputy to the National People's Congress by the Tibet Autonomous Region People's Congress Standing Committee.


so he took bromptom bikes like iswanran?


Anyone with half a brain will be able to tell the amount of BS in these videos..... if one takes a good look at the comments section, not even a single negative comment is a major red flag to me....... half a brain..... 95% here are sad to say errrrr...... not even half a brain...
Got Youtube Censored Team de woh