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Arab Trash in Bangkok


Recently went to bkk for hoilday just came back. last saturday while waiting for the taxi that was called by conciege for me outside the main lobby of the hotel novotel platinum which i was staying, this obnoxious arab tourist with hi wife just opened the door and went in. the concierge told him that the taxi was for others but he ignored and continue to sit in the taxi giving his direction where to go . I told him the taxi was mine this bastard arab ah neh claimed he was waiting outside for the taxi. I called him an uncivilised trash and he became defensive and claimed he was an embassy official who can take any taxi he wants and show me his old ugly brown wallet with nothing inside. I wanted to whack him but since i am on holiday didnt want to escalate the issue i just took another taxi. bloody bastard . then i was at the mall buying some stuff. saw one arab bitch covered from head to toe bargaining for a small purse. lol its like only 100 baht and still asking for discount. luckily this trash cant afford to come to sg.