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Chitchat Angmo Chiobu ask for you bank account on first date!



Influencer sparks debate after admitting she asks to see man’s bank account info on first date​

Meredith Clark
Thu, 31 August 2023 at 6:54 pm GMT+1·3-min read

An influencer has sparked a debate after admitting she asks to see a man’s bank account information on the first date.
Sofia Franklyn, the former co-host of Call Her Daddy, confessed her controversial dating requirement in a recent episode of her podcast, Sofia with an F. The 31-year-old TikTok star revealed that she asks potential suitors for their financial details because she wants to date a “wealthy guy”.
“I’m not joking, I’ve asked the last three dudes I’ve dated for their bank account info on the first date,” she began. When podcast guest Leo Skepi questioned why she asks men for their bank statements, Franklyn candidly replied: “Because I only want to date a wealthy guy that has money.”
She continued: “I think, you know, I have a job. I’m very successful. So I think I have every f***ing right to be like, ‘Hi, are we on the same level or am I wasting my time?’”
Franklyn’s dating hot take has since caused quite a stir on TikTok, where a clip of the podcast has received nearly one million views and thousands of comments. She captioned the video: “I think I’m just being efficient?”
However, a majority of users were outraged by Franklyn’s dating requirement, with many agreeing that love is more important than money.
“When you talk to an old married couple, at no point do they talk about money,” one person commented. “Memories, kids, possibly grandkids, friends, trips, funny stories.”
Could have a billion dollars, if she asks this I’m leaving and not paying for the date,” said someone else.

“Money does not equal success,” a third user wrote, while another TikToker commented: “Does love and genuine connection just not exist anymore?”
Still, some people felt that it’s important to be on the same financial level as their partner, so that one’s not pulling more weight than the other in the relationship.
“Yes this is a must!!” one user said.
“My fiancé and I are matched equally. But, if I were single, I would need that person to be on my level,” another person wrote. “I agree with her for the most part.”

A third TikToker commented: “Absolutely 300 per cent agree! You deserve to have a man on the same level as you!”
“Same level is key now,” another chimed in. “Not wasting my time on guys that can’t pay their way!”
Franklyn isn’t the first woman to share her controversial dating tactic. As an array of dating apps can make finding the “one” more difficult to navigate, one woman confessed that she uses her LinkedIn account as a dating platform.
Earlier this month, TikTok user Candice (@candi.licious) shared in a video that she uses the employment-focused social media platform as a dating app because of the filters on LinkedIn’s search bar, which gives users the opportunity to search for individuals based on the schools they attended and their careers.
“The filters! Number one, I can filter for an education - MBA, baby,” she said. “Number two, I can filter by industry. I’m looking at doctor, lawyer, finance bro.”
She also explained how LinkedIn users can find people based on the “country” they are in, which she said was “very important”. Candice then poked fun at one thing she didn’t like about using LinkedIn for dating: Profiles don’t specify height.

“Unfortunately, I’m unable to filter by height,” she said. “But at least there are very good looking photos, that I can kind of do some height analysis on.”
Many people have since applauded Candice’s dating approach, while claiming that there are benefits of looking at someone’s LinkedIn profile.
“Teach me how to approach them,” one comment read, while another quipped: “Don’t leave out the tech guys.”
However, not everyone agreed with Candice’s dating technique, as some viewers claimed it was “unprofessional” to use LinkedIn as a dating app.
“Thanks for making me aware. This is unprofessional. Imagine joining a corporation just to find a husband. It can be reported,” one viewer wrote.

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