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About NoticeBoard Software Features and Overview

Discussion in 'ChioCS Media and Graphic' started by ChioCS, Dec 11, 2011.

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  2. ChioCS

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    Oct 13, 2010
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    Re: NoticeBoard Features Overview

    Noticeboard is a Digital Signage software running on Microsoft Windows, it's features are:

    • Displaying signage content on any LCD or LED screens on a 365 by 24 by 7 schedule.
    • Design for interactive touch screen experience and manipulation with your fingers.
    • Support display and touches on mutliple screens.
    • Supports Owner, Branch, Client and Anonymous relationship that allows you to have the ability
      1. to display and tap into network of loosely define projects through a powerful search engine.
      2. to configure and deliver Ads and feedback to any Noticeboard Sites.

    Using the Software

    There is only one executable in this software, that is, the user interface and player are all contain into "noticeboard.exe". For example, if you are to create or edit an existing project, runs this program from the menu or double click on the program shortcut and open your project from there. To play a complete project, double click on the project file that you have saved.


    At the heart of Notice Board is a scheduler, it will run your content continously or schedule it all year round. The following types are supported.
    • runs continously from where it start
    • stop and start at specific interval
    • schedule at a specific date and time
    • any combination of the above
    • it also supports a collection of schedules of random date and time


    There are 2 main types of content, a contaning objects or project items. And the display object or object items. The purpose of project items are for grouping, scheduling and containing the display objects.
    Project Items
    - Cluster, Group, Window, Splash, Video, Browser

    Object items
    - Image, Graphic, Text, Sets, Media Clips and Sounds​


    NoticeBoard directly or indirectly uses most of WPF StoryBoard (Animation) for all it's basic animation, they are.

    - Alpha transistion
    - Standard Transformation
    • move
    • scale
    • skew
    • rotate
    - Color and WPF brush properties


    A library has several functions.
    1. It is a holding area for any items that are deleted in the current session.
    2. It render a storage space for any work to be kept there permanently.
    3. It provides a database of items that support interactive touches in the player.
    You should create more then 1 library and segregate them as much a possible. All libraries sitting in the same folder of the executing project file are read in automatically by the player.

    Quick Setup Example - Create a NoticeBoard in 10 minutes using Quick Setup

    Quick setup provide you a easy alternative to quickly setup your project and gets it up and running in no time, without needing an intimate knowledge on how it works with notice board. The basic steps are.
    • form an idea on how your content will be displayed
    • create your content
    • run noticeboard quick setup and configure your screen position and size
    • drop your content
    • play it


    Any Noticeboard project can be use as a template. Templating allows you.
    • To quickly duplicate another project by simply replacing all it's content. That is, you can define a framework for a particular project which would then allows you for replcating to screens spread over multiple location that shows different content.
    • Build a project template to a client and let them replace the content.

    Group Tab

    A group play host to a collection of project items, it has 2 main functions.
    1. It's primary function is to manage their schedule synchronously.
    2. Provide a space that contains all item's header for interactive access through touches or mouse click.
    A group also participates in the overall schedule.

    Search Group

    A Search Group points to a network or collections of projects where you can conduct your searches, fetch and display onto your screens.


    Noticeboard is an application that function as a digital signage display as well as let you interact directly with your fingers or mouse click. There are a number of ways that touches or a hierarchical layers of touches that can be setup.
    1. A quick and direct touch approach.
    2. Interaction through a touchpad where all touches are loaded in for manipulation.

    Third Parties external interfaces

    Noticeboard provides a calling mechanism to run an alien program and pass any parameters that are needed. Provided it is customised to Noticeboard requirement, otherwise all calling and terminating are done external in NoticeBoard without any handshake signal.


    Noticeboard provide you the capabilities to change any objects in the display screen without needing to re-create your project or re-starting it.

    Why you need.

    If you intend to setup your screen to play a self repeating and continous series of content that does not change too often, you are fine. However in most instances, the content are likely to be more fluid and change from time to time. Moreover, these displays could be hung on the wall or situated away in a remote place where the only access is through a network connection.
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  3. ChioCS

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    Oct 13, 2010
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    Re: NoticeBoard Features Overview

    One of the main feature of Noticeboard is the ability for anyone of interest to participate and engage the content of a notice board that has been placed in the public domain. It can be a feedback to a particular product, a customer subscribing a related product or simply someone that like to associate an Ad to it.

    To do that you would have setup a collection of projects for each product ownership and put out in a network that can be accessed from any location ( sites - as shown ). From these locations, you can configure these notice boards to fetch and display those products that you need.


    For configuration to allow searches to takes place. You will need to fill up your project with some key information or it's meta data, namely an address, an ownership, it's classification ( categories ) and other description or keywords. See Project-Information.

    A "Search Group" would then have to be setup at the display site ( notice board ) to access and load the project files that matches it's search criteria. To learn more about setting up a Search Group see the following examples

    Street Example - How to conduct addresses and categories search.
    Village Example - Relationship between the owners and subscribers, and how to configure your screen.
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